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Fleurs de Bagne
Width :
105.00 EUR
63.00 EUR

    Knit 100% Cotton 20 Gauge,
    Fluid, light & resistant
    This model is the short sleeves version of the TOULON Classique sailboat version
    Rolled edges sleeves + collar, clean cut single shave
    Made in France . Knitted in GUIDEL in MORBIHAN

    Washing Instructions:
    Tumble dryer FORBIDDEN

    For the Anecdote: "The MARINIÈRE"

    The sailor is above all the sailors' suit. As early as the 17th century, Dutch and English paintings depict sailors dressed in stripes, blue and white or red and white. In France, until the Second Empire (1852-1870), the regulations for military uniforms only concerned officers; sailors therefore embarked on French Navy ships with their own clothes. In 1858, however, a decree imposed blue and white striped knitwear in the official uniform of quartermasters and sailors. It took the name of sailor, in reference to the sailor. This decree also set the rules for its manufacture: 21 white stripes 20 millimetres wide and 20 or 21 indigo blue stripes 10 millimetres wide on the torso and back; 15 white stripes and 14 or 15 blue stripes on the sleeves. 20 or 21, 14 or 15... This is not an approximation: the number of stripes depends, in fact, on where the cut is made on the knitted fabric.

    The sleeves and the cut of the sailor are also important. The sleeves should be 3/4 so as not to exceed the sleeves of the pea jacket. The knit must be long enough (up to the beginning of the thigh) to be able to fit into the deck trousers and thus mask and protect the sailor's private parts, which at the time were not wearing any underwear. Finally, the sailor's slip is close to the body for practical reasons: with no seams (except on the sleeves) or buttons, the risks of getting caught in the ropes and hindering manoeuvres are limited.

    For more comfort, we advise you to take a bigger size.



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